Skip The Warranty

Until recently I had no problems with any warranty I have purchased for a product I’ve bought. I’m sorry to say that has changed. I had a bad business and consumer issue with a company that has changed my views on customer service. Some people are more friendly or helpful than others then there’s the ones who don’t care about helping you resolve your issue.My issue with this company didn’t get resolved.Anyway here is my rant about a recent phone call to them. Back in 2010 I purchased a laptop through the company and the customer service representative offered me accidental damage insurance. This insurance is to cover any type of accidental damage that may occur to your purchase item such as spilling liquid in your laptop or dropping it and it doesn’t work properly. I have dropped my laptop hundreds of times without any type of damage to it until a few weeks ago. I dropped it on the floor and the metal piece inside the laptop charger port broke off.I realized I have coverage for that and I picked up the phone to report my issue with the company. After 30 minutes of being on hold off and on, they calmly told me that they couldn’t fix the damage even though I had damage coverage. It made absolutely no sense to me. I asked how this is possible and they explained that my warranty had expired and the accidental insurance was only valid if the warranty was active. The warranty and accidental insurance are two different things. I then told them there was no purpose for the insurance if it isn’t for repair of the laptop. This was not explained to me when I made the purchase. I thought buying this insurance for my laptop covered it for any accidental damage until 2015 with a replacement. Because I let my warranty of the laptop expire the accidental insurance which is still in effect isn’t valid without the warranty.I paid them $100 for this insurance to find out I can’t do anything with it unless I have the laptop warranty active. I wish the person I had talked to the day I bought my laptop would have made that clear; I could have saved $100. Skip the warranties it’s a waste of money and eventually all your products will break down or an upgraded version will come available.