Landlord Insurance – What Is Loss of Rent Insurance?

When you’re a small business owner and a landlord at the same time, the rent that comes in every month is so important, what can do to make sure that rent keeps coming in?The answer is an insurance policy, which will pay your rent for a period of time. It will only pay your rent at times when your flats or houses are unable to be rented due to damages of some sort.The kind of damage like a house fire or a terrorist attack which causes damage to your building. Other types of damage due to vandalism can have a high impact on your small business, some sort of insurance must cover this.Will this cover the mortgage payments and for how long?It will cover your mortgage payments but only until you have a new or your previous tenant moves back in your property and the builders have completed the work.I can take some time for the work to be completed, however, your mortgage will get paid for this period.Will I get my rent paid when the property is lying empty?In some case, yes, the insurance company will pay the rent until your property manager finds a new tenant for the property. If you are using an estate agent and they’re a small one, try to use a few until the tenant comes walking through the door.How much is loss of rent insurance?This will depend on a few things; first of all, it will depend on the value of your property and the location of the property, because some areas are more expensive than other areas, that is the way it works.Can I do without loss of rental cover?The only way you could really do without this kind of cover would be not having a mortgage on the property. If you have paid for your property in full, you could do without this cover.Insurance companies advise mortgage payers that this cover is necessary to their landlord needs.What else should I include in my landlord policy?You should sit down and think about what you need covered or talk to an advisor over the phone when it comes to actually starting your policy. You may need things like contents protection to insure the value of the contents in your home.You may also need buildings insurance, which covers subsidence and general building work when it needs done. This will also protect the roof if it’s damaged by an act of god.