Landlord Insurance – What Is Emergency Assistance Insurance?

When it comes to an emergency and you need a window or a boiler fixed, landlords can be out of pocket before they know it. The good news is that most companies now have a type of insurance called emergency assistance cover.This is great for the landlord, but not so great for the company that’s paying.Is my central heating parts covered?If you take this cover, all your pipe work and boiler system will be covered with the policy. It comes at a price but well worth the money you pay for it. Your central heating system is one of the most important and most expensive part of the property so why not protect it?You can pay for this every month, which makes the payments better for you.What about my windows and glass?If you come across a smash window or a broken side window, you can claim your insurance. If it’s one o’clock in the morning and your alarm wakes you up because of an attempted break-in, the insurance companies will run to help you.Glass is a very expensive to replace and some glass installers could rip you off if you need an emergency repair.What if I lose my keys, what do I do?If you or your tenant loses the keys to the front or back door, a locksmith is needed and this could be at any time, day or night. So what do you do? Well, you can pay for a locksmith out of your own pocket or you can phone the insurance company if you have emergency assistance insurance.When can I use the insurance?The very good advantage to landlords is the fact that they can use this policy any time they need it. It’s called emergency assistance cover and for a good reason, it saves landlords a lot of bother getting out of bed and dealing with the situation.What’s the cost of this cover?Nothing compared what it provides for landlords, just try and pay for emergency callouts yourself, you’ll shocked at the charges. On some instances, you could be charged £400 for one lock and a set of keys to be replaced.Other tradesmen charge around £45 per callout and up to £30 per hour for labor charges. Plumbers and joiners are very expensive to pay during out of hours if you do not have insurance to cover it.Insurance is always worth it in the end when it comes to landlords and let properties.