Proper Hygiene In A Medical Practice

Germs are easily spread throughout office environments especially a medical practice. Most offices are not that large so this leads to being in close quarters with co-workers, so it’s no wonder how quickly flu and colds are spread throughout the office. Health hazards are often present in places where you would least expect it. Knowing what actions to take can protect you and your co-workers.1. Keep Your Desk CleanThere was a research study done in at the University of Arizona which found that an office desk has 400 times more bacteria than a toilet seat. The study also showed that women’s desks were four times more contaminated than men’s. The reason for this is that women often apply make-up at their desks; they eat their lunch, and use lotions and creams that allow germs to spread more easily.Clean your desk often. Use antibacterial sprays, rubbing alcohol or any type of bacteria fighting cleaner. Clean your computer keyboard and handset of the phone. Food should not be stored at your desk and you should avoid eating at your desk.2. Use Antibacterial Hand SanitizerYou shake hands with co-workers; handle your cell phone, wallet, and many other items throughout your work day. These can all cause germs to quickly spread throughout the close area that is shared between all the staff.Wash your hands regularly with warm water and soap throughout the day, and keep a bottle of antibacterial hand sanitizer handy as well. By using this, it can help to kill any bacteria and kill any germs that are present and in turn this will help to avoid contracting a virus and getting sick.3. Clean the Break Room RegularlyIf there is a coffee machine present and used often, it should be cleaned everyday if used. This should be done with warm water and soap instead of just rinsing it out. If there is a refrigerator, staff members should place their food there and not at their desk. It should stay there until it’s time for lunch. It’s important to keep the break room clean at all times. Make a cleaning schedule designating a day when each employee is responsible for sweeping and wiping down the hard surfaces with an antibacterial solution. Make sure the break room supplies are stocked such as dishwashing liquid, paper towels, all-purpose spray, at all times. All appliances should be wiped down as well.It may take a little time from the staff’s busy day, but it will make all the difference in the world. Following these easy steps this will cut down on germs being spread and in turn staff members avoid getting sick.