Top Wellness Activities For Remote Workers

Wellness, which includes physical and mental health, is a state of equilibrium and positive well-being. ? In the age of the COVID-19 pandemic, with the sudden and steep rise of remote working, the health and well-being of employees engaged in remote work has become increasingly important. For an organisation to function with optimum efficiency, employee health is of pivotal importance – it can have a profound impact on the functioning of the company and office morale. While everything was streamlined during offline work, the new trend of ? work from home has shaken things up rather vigorously.

The dynamics of working for a company have wholly changed. Naturally, it follows that new ways of maintaining the health of remote workers and ensuring their wellness have to be thought out. Organisations now need to find new means of fostering the well-being of their employees, especially when they are away from workplaces. A particularly efficient way to boost office productivity by focusing on employee wellness in the age of remote and hybrid workplaces is to offer corporate wellness benefits such as group medical health insurance.

Remote working has added new woes ? – loneliness, the inability to interact with colleagues, longer work hours. Although flexible in many ways, such as commuting and increased freedom, health risks have nonetheless increased both on the mental and physical front.

This list of wellness programs can be implemented to bring out the best in every employee to encourage them to perform to the best of their ability. This can be achieved in various ways, including through virtual check-ins ? and health dashboards. Here are some fun virtual activities for employees that can be implemented in remote and hybrid workplaces:   

Group online workouts ?️‍♀️ : During the pandemic,  access to the gym and other outdoor activities has been restricted: we started walking less, and our lifestyles became more sedentary. A potent antidote to this inactivity is to conduct health sessions for a few hours by setting up virtual fitness programs for employees to get them back into shape and get their endorphins flowing again. ?

Virtual nutritional consultations ?:  Nutritional specialists can be called on to analyse the health profile of your employees’ lifestyle, including their medical histories, eating habits, any particular concerns about their health they might have. Offering private and virtual consultations with nutritionists ? to provide rounded diet plans would go a long way in helping employees take control of their health.

Counselling sessions ?⚕️ for employees: Working remotely has made islands of us all as we work alone in our homes. Mental health concerns due to stress, especially in such tumultuous times, can come up and with no peers to share the load with ?, employees’ productivity takes a natural hit. Periodic virtual counselling sessions from experts will help the employees cope better and tide over this phase smoothly.

Conduct virtual meditation sessions?: Stress is the root cause of many maladies. Remote work may well also add to the stress of life, leading to employees developing physical and mental health issues. Meditation, pranayama, yoga not only help us keep fit but also help us to contain stress. Online meditation sessions not only help employees seek out their inner peace ☮️, but it also has the potential to bring them together as a community and reduce the sense of isolation.

Remote storytelling ? workshops: Online storytelling about personal experiences for teams is an excellent way to bring team members closer, build relations, and offer an exciting and fun space for employees. In other words, it is the perfect way to provide some much-needed engagement. It can build trust and enhance psychological safety and support for those who feel isolated. ?

Online employee book club and book reading sessions ?: Online book clubs and weekend book reading sessions are a breath of fresh air to ease the employees, enrich their knowledge base, add to their personal growth and develop their personality. Employees can exchange their knowledge about books and write reviews online. ?

Digital Wellness : A list of resources can be made accessible for employees to access all the information needed in one place and whenever they need to, such as links to the websites containing employee health programs, mental health support, and more. ?

Group medical health insurance ?: With current lifestyles and work stress, nobody’s life is guaranteed. When employees support their families in a time of rising healthcare costs, companies can significantly help ease the fears of an uncertain future by providing a?robust backup plan. Implementing employee health insurance policies can offer an invaluable sense of security to remote workers.

These wellness activities can be implemented by organisations and followed by employees ? for a more enhanced and wholesome sense of health and well-being. In times such as ours, steps toward a more secure and harmonious future are increasingly necessary, after all. ?