III Edition of Formentera Zen From October 12 to 15

October is an ideal month to enjoy Formentera . Its tranquility, and still good temperature, are the reason to celebrate the 3rd edition of ‘Formentera Zen’ on October 12, 13, 14 and 15. For this he will have the presence of speakers who have made their art their profession; expressing the genuine character of their individualities that transcends the dictation on the standard in the way of thinking and living. The activity of the meeting is made up of presentations and workshops that offer a liberated vision of identity, from scientific and poetic perspectives.

Autumn symbolizes that what dies leaves the ground clean so that the new can manifest itself. The characteristics of the soil of Formentera, so exposed to the sea and the sky, favor in a sublime way the contemplation of the color changes that light produces. October, with warm and calm tones, is an extraordinary month to have marked on the calendar, reserve a few days and travel to this destination with white sand beaches and infinite turquoise waters.

So it is no coincidence that this month was chosen to celebrate the 3rd edition of ‘Formentera Zen’, from October 12 to 15, under the motto ‘What is ahead is not your destiny, but your creation’. This act was born with the motivation to create an intimate and at the same time shared encounter where inspiration can be found through the personal and professional experiences of the speakers, who have made art, its genuine aspect, their profession. To preserve the convivial environment, the capacity is limited to a few places; environment, this one, of synergies, where the borders between the assistants and lecturers disappear.

In an almost dreamlike environment, on the Migjorn beach in Formentera – in the Bungalows Talaya – this meeting will take place, which invites you to play with the canons of your own perception, and which will be attended by speakers with a scientific and artistic profile. The writer Elena Alonso has joined the direction of ‘Formentera Zen’, which was held by Belén Navarro and in the last edition, who, in addition to her intervention, will present the meeting.

The founder of the National Association for the Study of Bodybuilding will participate, Edgar Morilla, who performs the work of disseminator, coach and nutritional advisor from a somatic perspective. Eva Julián will be another of the speakers; Composer, ethnomusicologist, designer of therapeutic sound settings and sound specialist in Bioacoustics and in the therapeutic application of natural sound.

Ana Álvarez-Errecalde will also be in Formentera. Argentine artist, in her work she delves into personal and universal experiences, such as life cycles, immigration and motherhood; Rayko Santana is a dancer and transformista, and offers a vision with few precedents in relation to gender and the construction of identity. Also, David Testal, filmmaker, writer, and student of language, imagination, and dreams. Nico Hernández, a nursing graduate, a specialist in childbirth and its significance in the life of the individual and of society will not miss this appointment.

The registration fee for attendance at the full meeting is 220 euros.

Save Posidonia Festival

‘Formentera Zen’ also coincides with the Save Posidonia Festival that will take place from October 12 to 15, an innovative initiative masteron cycle that seeks to raise funds to conserve the Ocean Posidonia. During four days there will be a conference in which sports, natural and cultural activities will be carried out, in addition to workshops and monographs for all ages.

With the ‘Discover Formentera in October’ campaign, you can enjoy offers and discounts on accommodation, maritime transport, vehicle rentals and active tourism activities.