Premium Choice Announces All-New End-to-End Insurance Solutions for Seniors

Premium Choice, an innovative online insurance agency, offers end-to-end healthcare and life insurance solutions designed to meet the needs of senior citizens. Through key partnerships with insurers, an online insurance quoting system, a primary-care delivery platform, and reputable pharmacies for easier and better access for medications, Premium Choice puts seniors first. A network of independent insurance agencies throughout the country is also available to assist seniors.

Delivering Streamlined Healthcare Solutions to a Growing Number of Seniors

Today there are more than 62 million individuals, of which 54 million are 65 and over and 8 million are younger adults with disabilities, relying on Medicare. According to independent congressional agency MedPAC, by 2030 as the entire Baby Boomer generation becomes eligible for Medicare, it’s expected that the number of enrollees in the government-sponsored health insurance program will reach about 78 million.

Founded in 2020, the creators of family-owned Premium Choice realized the need to put better healthcare and life insurance options along with greater access to quality physicians and medical care into the hands of this growing population of seniors. They also wanted to ensure that Premium Choice would make the entire process simple and easy.

“The focus of the company is to help seniors understand their options and feel safe and comfortable as they consider the pros and cons of each policy,” said Brycen Millett, Vice President, Premium Choice. “Our proprietary technology platform helps seniors assess their insurance needs and find the policy that would be the best fit for them.”

Medicare Advantage and Medical Supplement Plans to Fit an Individual’s Needs

Premium Choice offers seniors Medicare Advantage and Medicare Supplement (Medigap) plans from top-tier private insurers. Medical Advantage plans provide coverage for dental, vision and wellness programs that are unavailable in Original Medicare. Medicare Supplement plans fill in gaps in Original Medicare, such as coinsurance, copays, and deductibles.

Final Expense Life Insurance for Peace of Mind

Seniors also want to alleviate the financial burden that expected and unexpected costs would have on their families. To address this concern, Premium Choice makes available Final Expense Life insurance from several leading insurers to pay for end-of-life expenses. It’s a Whole Life policy that provides death benefits to pay for things like funeral costs, outstanding debts, and unforeseen end-of-life medical care. It’s easy to get as there is no medical exam required.

Premium Choice offers seniors the confidence that they are covered for their healthcare and end-of-life expenses.